“The birth of Christ is the central event in the history of the earth — the very thing the whole story has been about.” — C.S. Lewis
  @thesoapfarmph it’s A Wonderful & Exciting Happy Chaos!
Let me say that it’s not like this everyday of the year,  and that’s true. There are crazier days. When I don’t even have the time to blog.  For this #happychaos in our workplace, I am grateful. And I thank God every day for His Amazing Grace and provision.  My co-workers and I are used to it. We’re used to the hustle.  And bustle. Yet every time we get a thank you note or a positive feedback from a client, we are elated, no, ecstatic is the better word.  And we are inspired to be better if not the best.  So,  as  we look forward to the time when we all can sit, have chami, pan de coco, ensaymada, budin, coffee and real pastries  (while talking about mundane things that are totally unrelated with work), we are on our toes, to deliver the best products, at the least cost, before deadline.  We,  means, me, my head soap makers, their assistants, and the tiny little elves who help us make the soaps magical. 🙂
The Soap Farm Ph would  to wish you the best of the Season :  Peace, Joy,  Faith, Love and Hope.  
Christmas is a time of  HOPE.   The word “hope” has two meanings in the Bible. The first, contains the sense of eager anticipation or waiting. The second, depicts a sense of confident expectation based on certainty. Biblical hope is secured by God’s faithfulness to His promises. For the Old Testament leaders, their hope was in the Messiah’s arrival. For us, it is the hope of the Messiah’s return. ( http://www1.cbn.com/devotions/celebrate-second-week-advent)
HOPE is my joyful  & confident anticipation of a future that is certain because God is faithful to all of His promises. 


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