The Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap Recipe


Hi!  We have been receiving a lot of inquiries for this recipe.

So, here goes:

Here’s a list of what you need to prepare:

1. Mixing bowl
2. Wooden mixing spoon
3. Round Cookie cutter

1. Cookie Soap Dough
2. Chocolate Soap Chips

How to make Chocolate Cookie Soaps:


Mix Cookie Doap* in a mixing bowl

*Doap -Dough Soap available from The Soap Farm Ph inquiry form

Mix Chocolate Soap Chips* with Doap*

*Chocolate Soap Chips made of glycerin and REAL cocoa also available from our website

Roll mixture into balls &  flatten by hand. Use the cookie cutter to cut your cookie.

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Voila! Chocolate Chip Cookie Soaps!

Have a great weekend everyone!
– MG




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