Everyday is the 14th


I wonder how long would this Valentine hang-over persist(?)

Anyway, our Valentine’s day schedule got tweaked. We skipped breakfast ( bad idea ). Went to Church. Had Lunch and binged. So, we went home and took a nap together .(Perfect idea. Valentine naps are the best! ). And then…. Deadpool!


Bad ass. Smart Ass. Great Ass. trailer here

My kids asked me how I met their dad.

My dear Boys,

This. is. How I met Your Father.

I met your father in the middle of a battlefield.  He was wielding a sword that shone like the sun, he was fighting off dragons just like he was swatting flies. I saw him slay a three-headed fire-breathing dragon while on top of a BIG white Stallion, his silver armour almost blinding the sun.

In my dreams.

Actually, I met your dad in law school.  We were classmates chasing the same dreams. He looked like an action star.  Tight pants, leather jacket, the works.  So, I dated the gangster.

We digested cases and slayed the 90’s night scene.  And stressed out my parents. (Your grandparents.)

But I was looking for Prince Charming.

So,  I kissed the gangster & he turned into a prince.

And since then, everyday is the 14th.



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