Obsessively Grateful

Soap updates

We have been beyond blessed in 2017, for reasons we do not know and we’re probably  so underserving of.   We cannot Thank God enough.

Our soap makers are overwhelmed by soap orders and are in awe of the clientele for whom we make the soaps for.  And that’s you.  Our best friend, our believer, our follower, our #1 soap fan and our goal is to delight YOU more!

So we will celebrate YOU in our new soap designs for 2018, and we will ask for your comments and suggestions too!

Oooooooooh yes, we will be giving out samples of the new soaps for the best comments, creative suggestions, awesome ideas, amazing reactions, and beautiful selfies with our soaps 🙂

In the meantime, we Google-d us, and saw an August 2017 article Change Up Your Bath Routine With These All-Natural Soap Brands by Jacqueline Arias on Preen about us and other amazing soap makers from the Philippines.

Here’s a screen grab of our short feature.  Short, Sweet, warms our hearts.

preen feature

(Read more: http://preen.inquirer.net/55124/change-up-your-bath-routine-with-these-all-natural-soap-brands#ixzz530Ny39Js )

And, if ever Ms. Jacqueline Arias gets to read this, let us know where to send the 4 VCO soaps on your feature 🙂 and we’ll ship them to you ASAP.  Thank you!

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

-Marcel Proust


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