This Charmed Life

Soap updates


On the eve of my birthday,  2 weeks ago, a barefoot princess gave me a surprise birthday party.  It had a lot of imaginary confetti and balloons! And a cake with sparkling candles.  After blowing the candles, we went inside her magic mirror and she dressed me up in fairy clothes and shoes (just like hers). To end the magical night, she waved her invisible wand, and, from thin air, pulled out a tiny purple box with a pink ring 💍 inside, that she carefully placed on my finger. How amazing is that?!!!

But it doesn’t end there.

She made me sit down to fix – what she calls – my silky hair, into a “brave”.

So, this is her peg, ⬇️ and what came out was absolutely and totally different.  So she’s right, it’s a “brave”.

My heart is full.

By the way, The Soap Farm, celebrated our 14th anniversary on 11.11.18.  But we tiptoed silently into it.  There was too much 11.11 hype online, it got scary.

Yes, The Soap Farm is 14.  And if you’ve read this far.  Wait for our surprise giveaways. Because,  Unicorns Are Real 🦄🛁 😊



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