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Thanks to Mari Kondo, minimalism just got it’s mojo back.  Though it isn’t realistic to live in a constant state of simplicity. It’s achievable, and has become one of my #lifegoals #2020vision


The goal of minimalism is not just to own less stuff. The goal is to unburden our lives so we can accomplish more.”

Joshua Becker, The Minimalist Home

While minimalism is a powerful practice to apply in your home, imagine what happens when you apply it to your soul. 

Becoming a Soul Minimalist does not mean that you should hold on to nothing, but rather that nothing should have a hold on you.

When my soul feels crowded like EDSA traffic, with a lot of tension, amidst delayed movement,  cramming for output with hurried input;  it brings peace to embrace the concept of minimalism. I can’t say what the result of this might be for you, but I can tell you for me, the best way to uncover a bit of white space in my own soul is to be still…… find small cracks of time to be silent and still; making space to access courage and creativity,  quieting to hear the voice of God.

Stillness is to my soul as decluttering is to my home. 

If you’re having a hard time focusing on daily tasks, learn to prioritize. Although this is better said than done especially at this time when the tv in your living room is now in your pockets. Trying to focus on what you need to do first and not what you want to do, will be one step towards finishing your task, so you can later do what you really want to do, at peace.

There is freedom and wisdom available to you when you silence distractions.

“For me, that looked like turning off all notifications on my phone.

Maybe you did this years ago, and if so, you’re already ahead of the game! You already know it’s a small step, but it’s also a tiny declaration. Facebook, please no interruptions. Instagram, you have no permission to tap me on the shoulder whenever you want to. Headlines, I can read you all at once later. I do not need to know the moment news breaks. Phone, you are not allowed to boss me. I have good work to do. I have a life to live.”

Good decisions require creativity, and creativity requires space.

“Of course our life is filled with natural interruptions and distractions, and this is often where our real life happens. As you embrace your own version of becoming a soul minimalist, I hope you’ll receive the wisdom to begin to give up what you no longer need, like fear about the future or regret over the past. I hope you’ll embrace a willingness to face the silence within and not worry so much what you may or may not hear. I hope you’ll be willing to create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love.”

This excerpt is from Chapter 2 of Emily P. Freeman’s book The Next Right Thing, Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, ©2019 , used by permission.

From all of us at The Soap Farm Ph, Warm hugs and Happy thoughts and may 2020 be your Happiest, Most Abundant & Fruitful Year!


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