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There are lots of ways to connect and partner with us!

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    1. Enrol in our Workshops. Have fun and learn how to make handmade soaps you can use at home and for business.  We will guide you through the whole process step by step.  Our workshops have 3 phases.  Phase 1:  Workshop Proper :Soap Making demo & Hands on soap making; Phase 2.  Soap Making at Home ; Phase 3.  Assessment of home made soaps and awarding of Soap Maker’s Manual & Certificate.
    2. Become our supplying partner.  If you work hard enough in honing your soap making skills, we can invite you to be part of our soap makers’ pool, as our partner suppliers for our existing clientele.
    3. Be a Mentor in our Workshops.  Teach Soap Making. Mentor, Learn and have Fun.  Earn from your skills!
    4. Be a Reseller.  As a reseller, you become our conduit to the consumer.  We will give you retail leads from our distributors and help you grow your business.  We will include you in all our ads and promo initiatives And in all our social media platformsAnnouncement in our websiteSpecial Reseller discount. How to be a RESELLER?Purchase required :
    5. Be a Distributor. As a distributor, you become our direct partner in expanding our business.  This becomes a partnership and our commitment with you is sealed by a MOA ( Memorandum Of Agreement ) regarding territorial inclusions and/or limitations.
      • We can help you build your own online platform/s including social media
      • We will allow you to develop your reseller network.  And help you develop your network and give you reseller leads.
      • We will include you in all our ads and promo initiatives 
      • And in all our social media platforms
      • Announcement in our website
      • Special Distributor discount. 
      • How to be a Distributor?Purchase required :
          • 5 reseller packs for first purchase
          • 2 reseller packs for succeeding purchases
          • Distributor 40% off for all bar and designer soaps

Why do we have a cupcake for our logo?
Aside from the fact that all our Cupcake Soaps happen to be our bestsellers, I believe that:
1. A cupcake sparks joy inside me;
2. A cupcake is my sweet reward after every milestone. Like closing a deal. Finishing a blog article. Fulfilling a task. Weekend treat after a week of no sugar and no carbs. Paying off a debt. Breaking my own record. Getting out of an unhealthy relationship. Saying NO at last. ( will add more soon 😅 )
3. A cupcake reminds me about my reward in Eternity.
Life maybe bittersweet and everyday is a struggle. But i have a BIG God. And He is Great. He is Faithful. He is my Provider.


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