Christmas Negosyo Bundle 🎁🎄

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Wholesale Bundle

30 pcs assorted soap bars
– oatmeal soaps, loofah soaps
– sea water soaps
– pink clay soaps
10 pcs cupcakes
10 pcs pastries
10 pcs donuts
10 tubs ice cream ( 3 pcs per tub )
10assorted shampoo bars
10 assorted cheesecakes
10 packs meringues 100 gms

100 pcs assorted Christmas boxes and tags


100 pcs Christmas boxes and tags

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The truth in using Bar Soaps

Soap updates

Use bar soaps to wash away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses.

Are liquid soaps any better than bar soaps?

Put simply – no.

There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that antibacterial hand wash or sanitiser gets rid of germs any more efficiently than a good scrub with soap and warm water. In fact, according to a study on the effectiveness of soap and water vs alcohol-based hand sanitisers, people who lathered up with soap and water had fewer bacteria on their mits than those who used hand sanitiser. 

Lush CEO, Mark Constantine, has this advice:

‘The reason Lush is recommending washing hands with soap and water is because soap has two functions, it dislodges and washes away dirt, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. It kills bacteria but not viruses and creates temporarily a hostile alkaline environment that neither bacteria or virus find a viable medium. The body’s natural acidity then returns as do the millions of non pathogenic organisms that thrive on the skin. Our skin is naturally what other less friendly bacteria find a very arid and unfriendly surface that constantly sheds.”

“We don’t make liquid soap because it’s not a soap but a liquid detergent so it is not alkaline, it also has to be preserved or it grows bugs. Soap doesn’t because of the alkalinity (however the dirty water around the bar will if it isn’t properly drained). Liquid soap comes in a plastic bottle and its cap can’t be recycled.”

More from Lush Cosmetic Scientist and product inventor Daniel Campbell : “Preservatives in liquid hand soaps destroy the microorganisms that live on your skin whether friendly or unfriendly. When you don’t have friendly bacteria protecting your skin it becomes more vulnerable to foreign invaders, leaving you open to dry, damaged or broken skin.”

How do antibacterials work?

Microorganisms are extremely adept at what they do and if conditions are good, these teeny tiny bacteria can multiply very quickly – some bacteria can divide in just 20 minutes.   Antibacterials work by disrupting these conditions in order to make it harder for microbes to multiply, Daniel says: “If you want to kill unwanted microorganisms you need to look at what they are susceptible to. You have to either cut off their food, habitat or stop them from being able to reproduce. Imagine a microorganism like a big jelly disc that draws in resources from its surroundings. By poisoning their food source you prevent microorganisms from growing.”

Here’s a bit more information on The Science of Soap and please wash your hand as per NHS guidelines.


Soothing Sleep Spray

Soap updates

Give your linens, bedroom, or even the air at your home a refreshing spritz without using harsh chemicals.
Lavender Soothing Sleep Spray.
Ingredients: Lavender, Distilled Water, and Sugar Cane extract. Can be a calming body toner and mild hand sanitizer too 💜 #thesoapfarmspritzers #thesoapfarmph #besafebesmartbekind

The Power of Pause

Soap updates

Pause for emphasis. Before a punchline. Keep safe. Get well. Get ready.

New beginnings and Better things are about to happen.

VCO + Oatmeal Soaps
Green Lemonade, Yellow Lemongrass, Pink Rose Water, Blue Peppermint, Nude Almond
Wash your hands

Get squeaky clean and still take care of your skin. Our vco+ oatmeal soaps are handmade with all natural ingredients.


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Sea Water & Seaweeds

Soap updates

Do you have a favorite place? so beautiful, that everytime you go there, you’re in awe of God’s creation and His amazing grace?

The Soap Farm Ph, took the sea water from the deepest part of this side of the Pacific Ocean, and the Seaweeds found on the shore of this secret hideaway, and made our first sea water + sea weed soaps ❤️


1. Hydration – seaweed is full of Vit E!

2. Youthful-looking skin – the amino acids in seaweed help your skin to plump up, smoothing out fine lines with its anti-aging properties.

3. Heals acne, rosacea and sensitive skin problems – the natural minerals contained in seaweed, which include omega, zinc and magnesium, create a barrier to protect skin from harsh weather (or overly dry environments) while helping to heal skin of any infections.

4. Evens skin pigmentation – the antioxidants that include vitamin B and C, help to heal the skin and clear pigmentation that developed after it was exposed to the sun’s rays for too long.

#seawatersoap #seaweedsoap

Half the Sky

Soap updates

Remember our call for donations for a new soap plant and training centre for women?  ( Please read about it below ) We got a donation in kind 🙂  so our office design vision has changed to match the donation. We will be receiving huge aluminium glass windows and doors from an old building that is due for a total renovation. So, it just got even better.  What we need now would be the funding for the labor costs in getting the materials up and into the look that we want and can only dream of, now.  We have started building our soap commissary though, and will be making soaps out of my kitchen in the meantime 🙂

Help us empower undeserved women from our communities through skills development and financial independence. In Melinda Gates new book “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World”, it is clear that when you lift up women, you lift up humanity.


pictures of proposed project inspired by


If you want to help us, you can donate and we will send you soaps or just buy soaps or donate through this website. Please email:, you can also text or call 09175608109

_ _ _ _ ____ ____ ________  call for donations in February 2019

Imagine, more than a month without blogging!  Please forgive us. Mea Culpa. Busy, not an excuse.

First off, we plunged head on with our Workshop Series. Since we’d like to really work towards our 20/20 vision, that is, to make Quezon Province the Organic Soap capital of the Philippines. 🙏🏻 Can you help us pray for this?  So we can provide more jobs for women in our community and in Quezon Province.

We’re also working on a crowdfunding project, so we can move to a new place where we can train more women & make more soaps! And to be able to make our store and soap making workshops one of the tourist attractions of Quezon Province.

We already have a bare lot that we’d want to build our “dreams” on.  But we’re thinking people like you, who believe in dreams, might want to be part of it too.


Here’s our Container of Hope Project  :

If you want to help us, you can buy soaps or donate through this website. Please email:, you can also text or call 09175608109

Thank you!

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