It’s a Woman’s World 💃🏻

Our Stories

March 5-6, 2018

In celebration of the International Women’s Month, we joined the 10th Filipina Entrepreneur Summit at the World Trade Center at the Filipina Mentor ME CAFE for the first largest onsite 1-on-1 Go Negosyo mentoring session. Organized as a platform for conversation and consultation with mentors from different sectors. It will brought together a compelling roster of mentors, experts and practitioners to help inspire, equip and empower entrepreneurs. I sat in as mentor for the zone on marketing and branding a businees.

And woman! It was inspiring, uplifting and FUN 💃🏻

Knowing it was going to be a one-on-one activity, I prayed and kept praying that i’ll be able to mentor and bless the person who’ll be assigned to my table. knowing that we were all gathered, each for a special reason that God has assigned for us, therefore i let God do all the work, and give Him back all the glory.

And, as if i’m not used to God’s awesome grace, i’m still in awe at His amazing ways. Surely enough, God brought me entrepreneurs whose business concerns were the same as my experiences, and He, of course, kept me inspired so i can mentor in the best way i can, so much so that, each idea becomes a breakthrough, and an exciting business proposal. So, there’s a food cart business sprouting out from a homegrown siomai and burger patty business,  a new packaging idea for fried pastillas, marketing collaterals for turmeric tea and peanut brittle, and unli-rice for a planned mall food cart, and a lot more ideas, i am constanly filled to brim, and I thank God for it always

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